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March 11, 2010

Defenders of Wildlife's new ad with Ashley Judd...

Ashley Judd has teamed up with Defenders again to ask the Obama administration to restore federal protections for the wolves in the Northern Rockies.  It will be running all this week in the DC metro area.


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Obama,you better get your head outta your butt and look at the facts, no offense but your being a freaking idiot, seriously wolves arent bad at all and if you remove the species not only will i find a way to kill you but the world is at danger. hope this helps your decision to shut up bout wolves and take down that plan, oh and also REPAIR the endagered species plan for wolves AND make it better and stronger, they were finally making a come back to until you did that so thanks, and i sponncer a wolf named shadow :) so thanks, i bet there MUCH happier dieing because of YOU, how does it feel to have people sad and inoccent wolves DEAD because of YOU! think bout, i wanna know when the guilt eats you alive :) well thats all mr. prez


one more thing, dont BUY a wolf to make it seem like you lvoe them, there not pets and if you do, i gonna laugh when it bites the crop outta you for treating it wrong and you not keeping your place as alpha male

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