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February 26, 2010

Taking it to the streets...

We received the following email from a very dedicated Defenders' supporter who took it upon himself to raise awareness about Cabela's sponsorship of wolf killing derbies. It's amazing what one person such as Bob,  can accomplish. We always look forward to receiving information from our members about ways in which they are supporting the issues we all care about.

Wolf protest 
Hi Erin,
I want to issue a challenge to Defenders and all wolf friends around the US to follow my lead and take the initiative in organizing their own pro wolf rallies in front of their nearby Cabela's. I organized the rally myself, at the Cabela's in Scarborough, Maine, with only 3 days notice to the pro-wildlife organizations and community here in Maine. You do not need weeks to plan such a rally, but can build on the first one and then make it bigger each time.
It did help that I had handed out home-made fliers in front of the Cabela's entrance the Saturday before by myself. The wildlife and wolf lovers in Maine who I called and emailed within a couple of days to share what I had done were impressed with my intiative and wanted to join me, though I did not know even most of them. They wanted to take action after hearing what I had done and the enthusiasm that so many Cabela's shoppers expressed for the wolves safety and protection.
With only 3 days notice, I still managed to get 17 great wolf friends to show up with signs and fliers. For three hours, we expressed our love and respect for wolves for all to see. Both the NBC-TV affiliate here in Maine and Maine's National Public Radio covered the event and our message was heard far and wide. And it is only the first of many rallies we will hold for the wolves and against Cabela's and their awful wolf killing derby. The next one will be on Saturday, March 6 from 11AM to 2PM.
The sense of achievement, gratitude and empowerment that I felt in doing my solo protest and then organizing the pro wolf rally the next weekend, was such a wonderful antidote to the helplessness and sadness I have felt while reading about the killing of wolves out West this past year. As I told one of the Cabela's store managers who came out to see what I was up to when during my solo protest, I have had enough of feeling heartsick as the wolves of my country are killed once again and will not stand for it any longer.
Fellow Defenders and wolf friends are welcome to contact me if they are able to attend our next rally in Maine or for some tips on how to create a rally of their own, nearby to where they live.
If Defenders and wolf friends around the US do what I did and organize pro wolf rallies at every Cabela's in the country, we will shut down these wolf killing derbies and send a loud and clear message that Americans everywhere will no longer tolerate ever again the demonization and killing of the beautiful, intelligent and magnificent wolves who have returned to our country, this time to stay.
Bob G.
South Portland, Maine


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