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October 07, 2009

More wolves dead...

An article that came out this morning detailing more of the wolf deaths occurring in the Yellowstone area.  This time it was one of the 10 remaining members of the Phantom Hill pack


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Amanda Gannon

I grieve for them.

Please keep us appraised of the rising death toll. It's morbid, but incredibly important. We need these numbers thrust under people's noses. We need to be reminded, even those of us on the wolves' side. We need to keep this under our skin. We need to not let it go.

This is not okay.


Somebody is not being truthful to us about these wolves! Please read email from my Sister who lives in Montana dee

Hello Deidre,
I sent this to a friend of mine that is very close to the management of the wolf population. She used
to date the man that introduced the wolves in Montana and then in Idaho. And would have been
in an uproar if one was killed unnecessarily. She truly loves the wolf, you should see her house.
Anyway this is the answer she sent. I'm not sure if the whole pack was killed I really don't think so.
I think it was just a few. I do know if a parent was killed the rest of the pack would take care of the
young. If you want me to get more information from her just let me know.
love you
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To: Virginia Seil
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Subject: RE: Yellowstone Wolf Pack distroyed

They are talking about the wolf hunt. What they don't tell you is that the area where the members of the Cottonwood pack were taken has been closed to further hunting. It is being highly managed. Yes wolves were killed, but without some kind of control they would start dying of starvation. Quotas are established to prevent both overpopulation of habitat and overkill by hunters.

From: pax2you@msn.com
Subject: Yellowstone Wolf Pack distroyed
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 21:11:40 -0600

Have you read anything about this. I don't remember seeing it anywhere?

Subject: Urgent Action: Yellowstone Wolf Pack Killed


I heard from my sister in Montana and this is what she had to say - and let me state that I don't condone killing anything (I'm a vegetarian)but I do believe my sister. Here is what she reported to me:
Hello Sis,

Ed Bangs (the head of wolf management in Montana) was at dance class tonight. I asked him about the Cottonwood pack. Not all the wolves in the pack were killed only about 4 were. The other adults would feed the pups if they needed to be fed but they were old enough to fend for themselves and were part of the adult pack.
Hope that helps, I know it pains you to know a wolf was killed but they don't have any predators and have to be controlled some way or there would be no wild life left in the park. And if they do venture
out of the park they go crazy and will kill a whole herd of sheep or calves. I do feel sorry for the ranchers. I think they get reimbursed for any wolf kill. But some of what is killed can't be replaced. Some ranchers are trying to breed a certain strain of cattle or sheep and that whole process can be wiped out with one kill.
Love ya

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