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October 2009

October 28, 2009

Wolves = Awesome for our public lands

This is a great article that covers in-depth the importance of top predators, like wolves, to biodiversity in ecosystems.  Where wolves are found you will also find an ecosystem that is healthy and strong and teaming with biodiversity - and make no mistake about it, in the greater Yellowstone area the wolves are the reason for this re-emergence of this native species biodiversity.  It's all connected.  Ecosystems need balance and when they don't have top predators, as the article points out, the whole ecosystem and balance shifts.  It has been documented over and over again from the sea otters in California and their relationship to sea urchins and the underwater kelp forests to the deer of the east coast that have eaten the native plants and biodiversity out of the Appalachians, if you are missing a key piece of these puzzles you will change and weaken the entire ecosystem.

October 21, 2009

Washington State wolf plan out for public review

Hey everyone, I just wanted to put this link up to keep everyone apprised of some more wolf related happenings.  The state of Washington has just released its wolf plan and it is up for public review.  They are contemplating a floor number of 15 breeding pairs and having them distributed all over the state. 

October 07, 2009

More wolves dead...

An article that came out this morning detailing more of the wolf deaths occurring in the Yellowstone area.  This time it was one of the 10 remaining members of the Phantom Hill pack

October 06, 2009

Big Bad Wolf revisited........

Here is a good article from Living Green Magazine that talks about the programs that are in place to help wolves from Alaska to the Northern Rockies.  It also touches on some origins of wolf myths both positive, such as the she-wolf Luna of Roman fame. And myths of the negative, such as the 'Big Bad Wolf" story by the Brothers Grimm, and how it plays into and helped shape our cultural perceptions of the wolf today. 

Body count continues to rise........

Just an update to everyone.  As of yesterday it was reported that a total of 21 wolves had been killed in Idaho and  9 had been killed in Montana

October 01, 2009

The current body count......

15 wolves have been killed in Idaho and 5 wolves killed just barely north of Yellowstone and so far  the season has only just begun. We'll keep you updated as we hear more and we continue to evaluate our legal options and do what we can in the region



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